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Innovative and creative like craft - inspired by brewers and a love of beer from Oregon, USA.

Their Story

Founded by Jim Solberg & Roger Worthington in 2008, Indie Hops embodies the heart and soul of craft beer, intrinsically linked to a cultural movement built around being independent and creative and the need to grow and supply hops to craft beer brewers.

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Indie Hops partnered with Oregon State University on a hop breeding research programme to bring new genes into their own hop development program. Along the way they built Oregon’s first hop pellet mill engineered purely for the craft beer market, and joined forces with two outstanding Oregon hop growers in Coleman Ag and Goschie Farms.

The result has been extraordinary, with the development of the brand new hop varieties Meridian®, Strata®, Lórien® and Luminosa™ through the Indie Hops Flavor Project, with more sure to follow. We’re immensely proud that through our partnership with Indie Hops, we’ve been able to play a small role in introducing these new varieties to the UK and Europe through a range of pioneering craft beers from the best craft beer breweries.

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