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World class malt from Belgium's oldest maltings - blending tradition with innovation.

Their Story

Established in 1868 as Belgium’s oldest malting and building on over 150 years of malting experience, Castle Malting® offers the largest range of speciality malts in the world to thousands of brewers across 147 countries. Their experience and attention to detail and unrivalled commitment to quality makes them perfectly suited to delivering craft brewers the best quality Belgian speciality malts for their craft beer.

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Drawing on exceptional malt from the best GMO free barley growing regions in France, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, Castle Malting®’s speciality Belgian malts are produced using a traditional 9 day process.

A state of the art revolutionary roasting drum at Castle Malting’s base in Beloeil creates caramelised and roasted Belgian craft beer malts with extraordinary flavours and aromas with a higher caramelisation rate and less bitterness and astringency than traditional dark malts. Castle Malting®’s second plant in Hombourg is home to the world’s largest electric malt roasting facility again allowing them to deliver exceptional quality speciality malts with a great focus on sustainability, and fewer nitrosamines due to the gentler roasting heating and roasting process.

This meticulous attention to detail makes Castle Malting® the perfect choice for speciality Belgian malts for craft beers. We’re delighted to offer a fantastic selection from Castle Malting®’s extensive range of Belgian malts – with dark roasted malts like Château Café malt and the extraordinary Château Special Belgium® malt, Château Cara Ruby® caramel malt, Château Cara Clair® dextrin malt, and melanoidin malts like Château Melano, there’s a perfect Belgian malt for your craft beer.

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