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From beer rebellion to hop revolution - bringing unique New Zealand flavours to the world.

Their Story

Hop Revolution™ was founded in 2014 by passionate plant scientist turned New Zealand Hop Grower Dr Susan Wheeler and her husband Kerry Skilton. They were inspired by the passion and dedication of Kiwi native Terry McCashin, who single-handedly took on the two big breweries that controlled almost every aspect of beer production and distribution in New Zealand by founding his own craft brewery and craft beer brand called Mac’s in the 1980s. The values and ideals espoused by Mac’s – of independence, rebellion, revolution, and, most importantly, pride and celebration in New Zealand – are the principles which Hop Revolution carries forward today.

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Hop Revolution™ has invested everything in breeding, growing and processing, and creating two stunning New Zealand hop gardens in Tapawera and Wairua. They now offer a constant and consistent supply of some of the world’s most flavour-intense hops including Nelson Sauvin™, Motueka™, Riwaka™ and Pacific Sunrise™. Hop Revolution™ works in a highly-innovative and totally sustainable way, putting these hops into the hands of the world’s most passionate and most inspired brewers.

This close-knit family of brewers, plant scientists, farmers, nurserymen and, most importantly, Kiwis, live, think and breathe New Zealand hops. We’re delighted to be able to assist them in their journey of bringing the unique flavours of New Zealand to the world by offering brewers in the UK and Europe the chance to brew incredible beers using these superb quality New Zealand hops.

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