Our story is all about great ingredients

Who we are

It all starts with a great malt base

Born from Bairds Malt, Brewers Select has been at the heart of the brewing industry since 2013, supplying brewers with all the ingredients they need to make incredible beer. We understand beer and we understand brewers and what you need. This is why we were the first UK supplier to offer malt, hops, yeast and all the other ingredients you need together all under one roof from a state of the art warehouse in Peterborough, with an easy ordering process and a fast and efficient delivery service. We’ve been walking hand in hand with the craft beer industry ever since, growing and developing to meet your needs and deliver you more ingredients from more of the best craft beer suppliers.

Add in a family run business at the heart of craft

Loughran Brewing Stores grew from a family owned barley farm in Dundalk, Ireland in 1908. As the craft beer industry continued to develop in 2014, James Loughran, now the seventh generation of his family to farm barley in Dundalk, founded Loughran Brewing Stores to represent the best values of the craft beer world – people, authenticity, sustainability and delivering to brewers the best quality ingredients. Dundalk is still the home of Loughran Brewing Stores to this day, supplying to leading craft beer breweries in Britain, Ireland and Europe.

The finished beer: a combination of the perfect ingredients

In 2022, Brewers Select became part of the Loughran family, bringing together a wealth of experience with a common goal to deliver you the finest quality ingredients from the world’s best suppliers all under one roof. We’re committed to bringing you not only the very best brewing ingredients but also celebrate the story of your beer from farm to glass. Along the way we want to build the best relationship possible with you, provide the highest level of service, and understand the needs of you and your brewery. And chat beer, because we live for that stuff.


We know that quality ingredients for making the best beer need looking after properly. Our state of the art warehouse and incredible team work seamlessly to make sure that your craft beer ingredients reach you in optimum condition and just when you need them with our industry leading next day delivery service.

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