From Canada to the rest of the world – drawing on a half century of experience bringing great yeasts with great brewers.

Their Story

Innovative and passionate, Lallemand began offering dried pure culture brewing yeasts for beer kit manufacturers in Canada in the 1970s and has since grown to provide an incredible range of superb brewing yeasts for breweries throughout the world.

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Lallemand’s LalBrew® premium brewing yeast offers brewers unmatched consistency, reliability, and purity from one batch of beer to the next, allowing you full control of the brewing process, so you can exercise full creativity and achieve the exact aromatic and flavour qualities you want from your beer, whatever the style you’re after, from Pale Ales, IPAs and Lagers to Best Bitters, Stouts and Imperial Stouts and everything in between. Plus, if you’re after a little extra funk for a sour beer, there’s also the Lallemand WildBrew™ range of lactic acid bacteria, featuring WildBrew™ Sour Pitch, WildBrew Philly Sour™, and WildBrew Helveticus Pitch™.

Each LalBrew® yeast is carefully researched and selected for its ability to provide true to style flavours and aromas with guaranteed consistency in performance. Lallemand yeasts are easy to work with and backed up by Lallemand’s team of technical staff ready to offer expert advice and support on fermentation.

Lallemand takes pride in the quality of their work and the advanced processes they use so you know that you’re going to get exactly what you need to create your beer. As an added benefit, as well as offering LalBrew® yeasts, our partnership with Lallemand allows us to bring the superb range of AB Vickers world-leading and innovative processing aids, enzymes, and yeast nutrients to UK and Europe to help you optimise the efficiency of your brews and focus on the continual innovation and development of your recipes.

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