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From The Netherlands, the industry’s gold standard in circular, lightweight kegs.

Their Story

KeyKeg® has been a proud innovator in the beer and beverage dispense world since the launch of their first lightweight keg in 2006. In the years since, this truly international company headquartered in The Netherlands has grown hand in hand with the craft beer community, evolving in refining their innovative keg designs to meet the needs of small and rapidly growing independent craft brewers.

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KeyKeg’s containers represent an absolute commitment to consistent exceptional quality, offering brewers the maximum shelf life for their beer thanks to Bag-in-Keg™ technology which allows allows dispensing to the bottom of the keg with absolutely minimal wastage. KeyKeg containers are strong and lightweight thanks to Double-Wall™ technology, making them easy to transport, lift, and stack, offering significant cost savings and environmental benefits when it comes to logistics and transport, with brewers able to ship 35% more beer per truckload in comparison to steel kegs.

These innovative lightweight kegs also suit the needs of growing breweries by eliminating the overheads of traditional kegs – removing the worry of deposits, losses and complex cleaning routines normally associated with kegs. As KeyKegs are very versatile, they also allow breweries to scale up to meet increasing demand and are ideal for export. Their design even allows for dispense without CO2, making them great for events too.

KeyKegs have also evolved to be sustainable as part of the company’s commitment as a company to leaving the planet a better place by creating a truly circular product. Each KeyKeg® contains 42% circular material, and this number is rising all the time, and 86% of every KeyKeg® is suitable for recycling to ISO18604 standards. There’s also a growing network of KeyKeg® recycling sites throughout the UK too, where brewers can drop off empty KeyKegs® or arrange to have them collected. KeyKeg continue to work with brewers to establish more recycling points too as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability.

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