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As a Certified B Corporation, Oregon’s Crosby Hops™ balances profit with purpose, rooted in their core values of quality, innovation, sustainability, and community.

Their Story

With an unwavering obsession and commitment to quality, Crosby Hops™ guarantees brewers receive hops that they can trust every time. From estate-grown hops cultivated and processed on their fifth-generation farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley to hand-selected hops from independent growers around the world, Crosby delivers hops that reflect their uncompromising standards and values.

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Through generations of hop industry experience and their robust merchant-processor platform they have cultivated longstanding supply relationships with like-minded independent growers across the globe. As a hop grower, processor, and merchant, Crosby Hops™ guarantees high standards across the board with stringent quality control all the way from plant to pint. They’ve been innovators too, with an on farm pellet mill in Oregon, and developing a softer, fluffier T90 pellet as well as cryogenically processed Crosby CGX™ Lupulin Pellets to meet the specific extra demands of quality, flavour and aroma of the craft beer industry. Hops from Crosby Hops are legendary, and we’re proud to be playing a part in bringing them to you in the UK and Europe.

The Crosby Hops™ commitment to authenticity and transparency extends throughout everything the business does, as a Certified B Corporation & Salmon Safe Farm using modern agriculture as a force for good by doing good for the planet, doing good for the people, and doing good for the hops.

Want to know more? Buy Crosby Hops™ craft beer hops on our web shop or call or email to find out what Crosby Hops™ can do for your beer.

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