Over 50 different basic and special malts of the highest quality and purity. Malt tradition made in Germany. Since 1899.

Their Story

From humble beginnings in a flour mill in a little town called Kreimbach-Kaulbach near Kaiserslautern, BESTMALZ has evolved into a brand leader first in Germany and then throughout the world, whose name is synonymous with top quality brewing barley malt and wheat.


BESTMALZ has always remained dedicated to the outstanding quality of their barley through a total commitment to purity and quality management. They walk hand in hand with the craft beer industry with their focus on a perfectly balanced combination of traditional crafts and innovation. They are still run and owned by the same family who founded the business, and this is reflected in their focus on sustainable growth for future generations, with significant reinvestment in research and product development which plays a significant role in their ‘future first’ philosophy.

BESTMALZ’s base malts are always well received by brewers who want to guarantee a consistent end result time after time. Other popular malts include BEST Red X® craft malt – capable of forming the entire grain bill of a red beer, and the seven varieties which make up the BEST Caramel® malt range.

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