Incredible European hop varieties from a German hop processor who places quality and consistency above all else.

Their Story

Tapping into Europe’s rich hop growing tradition stretching back over hundreds of years, BayWa provides craft beer brewers with the finest European hop varieties. BayWa is one of Europe’s leading agricultural companies, and a leading hop processor and merchant in Germany, with bases in Tettnang – with its worldwide reputation for superb aroma hops, and Hallertau – the largest hop growing region in Germany.

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The BayWa procurement team work closely with growers from all major German hop regions to source the finest quality hops every time.  These hops are processed and pelletised at Baywa’s modern dedicated hop mill, where pellet quality is paramount above all else.

This consistency, attention to detail, and commitment to stringent quality measures is why we’ve chosen to partner with BayWa – so the best European hops can go into the best beers across the UK and Europe.

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